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We are

Suzette and Paul Demicoli

AKA The Farrow Collection – Candle Makers

Carol O Sullivan

About Us

The Farrow Collection is a family business that specializes in producing high-quality candles, melts, and diffusers. Their passion for creating quality crafted products led them to embark on this project, with a mission to provide customers with thoughtfully made, handcrafted items.

Their principles of business are strongly influenced by their personal core values, which drive them to use only the best raw materials for their products. They take great care in sourcing sustainable materials from well-established suppliers, ensuring that their products are eco-friendly.

The couple’s love for creating beautiful scents is evident in their range of candles, melts, and diffusers, which are made with love and attention to detail. They strive to keep enjoying the process of creating each unique scent, nurturing authenticity, and delivering accurately on their mission.

The Farrow Collection’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their products, which are not only made with eco-friendly materials but are also designed to be repurposed. Their candles, melts, and diffusers are crafted to allow customers to enjoy the scents in various ways, extending the life of the products beyond their initial use.

Overall, The Farrow Collection’s candles, melts, and diffusers represent a labor of love and a commitment to delivering quality crafted products that customers can enjoy with peace of mind, knowing they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

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