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I Am

Siobhain Steele

A Ceramic Artist from Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Carol O Sullivan

About Siobhain

Siobhain’s elegant pottery and homewares evoke simplicity, tranquillity and timeless skill reflecting her natural surroundings in Cork. Her handmade ceramic work is a stylish accessory to the home, showcasing the beauty and purity of stoneware and porcelain. A nostalgic yet modern Irish pottery brand, she fuses literature, nature and function in her ceramic craft, connecting people all over the world.

It all started when Siobhain went traveling, from Cork across the world for over six years, Siobhain found herself drawn to nature, creativity and design, on her return she completed her Degree in Ceramics. The journey from clay to her finished signature ranges include her ‘Hearts’, ‘Aqua’ and ‘Allium’ collections. Irish literature, wise words and poetry is celebrated in pottery with her emotive ‘Message on a Bottle’ pieces.

 The Siobhain Steele Ceramics range has now travelled full circle with many International collectors and Irish Ex -Pats seeking her work; the ‘go to’ contemporary ceramic collection for gifting and living.

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