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Maria Dowling

A Visual Artist from Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Carol O Sullivan

About Maria

With several solo exhibitions in the last decade, Maria Dowling is an active professional artist. Her work, which is executed in oil paint focuses on the natural environment and human interventions and interactions with the environment.

Maria is largely a self-taught artist, having studied Natural Science at Trinity College Dublin while taking painting and ceramic classes in the evenings and summer schools. Her experience in the field of Natural Science led to the development of her interest in portraying the natural environment. She aims to capture the transience of nature, to catch the energy of a moment through the process of laying down paint, using light, colour, texture and design to imbue the work with beauty and excitement. Maria works mostly in oils to produce paintings with her signature richness of colour and atmosphere.

Her paintings tell us a great deal about the artist’s life and interests: children playing, busy street, water – the sea and rivers. Each scene conveys a sense of peace with the bustle of the world while at the same time her bold use of colour and strong compositional elements convey the intense beauty the artist sees in the world around her. Her paintings invite the viewer on a journey to explore the world in all its beauty.

Maria became a full-time professional artist in 2006 and had her first solo exhibition in 2007 and has had numerous exhibitions since and been part of many group exhibitions.

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