I Am

Lucy Phelan

A Fine Art Printmaker from Moneen, Co. Cork.

Carol O Sullivan

About Lucy

Lucy Phelan tells stories and explores the interaction between people and their world through large scale installations and art interventions. Familiar fables, legends, animals and gods are used in the work as iconic visual signposts toward a readable narrative.

Each theme or story is developed and explored over time, often starting with a single drawing or print. The piece mutates and evolves into a multi-faceted installation or intervention as the story is retold and the characters developed.

The time span involved in the making is important to the work. Themes are revisited and changed. The act of making is a basic human experience.

Lucy Phelan holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking CCAD. Her most recent project explores the visibility of women artists within the traditional gallery  system. ‘Women in Art’ stages interventions in major art galleries throughout Europe

Contact Me

Twitter @onthevergeofart

Instagram @onthevergeofart

Email: info@lucyphelan.com

Web: www.lucyphelan.com


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